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1.  New student?

You need to open a new Active Directory account that will let you login into the public workstations in the campus.

You will need only your ID number (without the last digit), and the 5 digit code that was sent to you during this summer.

There are two options for creating a new user:

  • Connect to SAMBA using VPN CLIENT and then follow the instructions for OPEN AN ACCOUNT
  • Come to the BGCC computer lab at Shprinzak building
    1. Press 'Username and Password Recovery'
      Login screen
    2. Insert ID number - 8 digits (without the last digit)
    3. Insert personal code (5 digit code)
    4. Type in the verification code (appears in green in the image bellow)
    5. After filling out the above credentials press 'Continue'
      Username and Password Recovery
    6. A yellow line will appear. Press "here" as shown in the picture bellow
      Username and Password Recovery
    7. Select 'Open/Reopen an account for HAVOT and Homedir'
      Username and Password Recovery
    8. Make sure that 'I Agree' is checked and press 'Continue'
      Username and Password Recovery
    9. Verify the information and press 'Continue'
      Username and Password Recovery
    10. Choose a password. Pay attention to the listed requirements for choosing a valid password
      Username and Password Recovery
    11. Your username will appear in red font. It is recommended to write it down in case you forget it.
      Username and Password Recovery


2. Forgot your username or password?

You can connect to SAMBA using VPN CLIENT and follow the instructions at FORGOT USERNAME OR PASSWORD.

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