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1. Accessibility entrance

The disabled entrance is from the parking lot, near lot 20. When at the entrance, please ring the bell.

There is also a special handicapped elevator that links the top floor and the bottom floor of computer center.

Map of lower floor with marking of elevator and entrance.

Map of upper floor with marking of elevator and accessibility desk


2. Accessibility desk

We have a special accessibility desk at the top floor, the desk table height can be adjusted via the control panel on the right side of the table, the heights are as follows:

  1. 69.5 cm
  2. 80 cm
  3. 83.5 cm
  4. 95.5 cm

The station contains the following special programs:

  • Zoomtext Magnifier– magnifies and improves the text on the screen.
  • קולפיקס – a program that reads text in Hebrew.
  • FineReader Pro – an OCR program, a program that converts pdf, images, text etc. to files that can be read later on.

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