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1. General Printing Instructions

Printing instructions

2. How do I print on one side of the page

Black and White printing - you should choose the BW_SIMPLEX printer.

Color Printing - you should simply change the printer to one sided printing

3. How should i print in color?

Select: "File->Print" to load the print menu. As a default the selected printer is Safta_Main_BW, change it to Safta_Main_BW_Simplex as shown bellow and click on "Print".


4. How will the "Mafil" company bill my Credit card and on what amount?

The "Mafil" company will assemble all your monthly debts and will charge your Credit Card once every month for the whole month.
The charge is similar to any other payment made with your Credit Card.
Black and white printing - 0.15 ILS per page.
Black and white duplex printing - 0.15 ILS for one side, 0.13 ILS for the other side.
Color printing - 1 ILS per page.

5. The Printing cards dispenser won't let me have a printing card!

Please call a support staff representative for assistance.
In any case, additional card dispensers are located in the "National Library" building and in the "Silberman" building.

6.  I'm printing from the internet and all I get are blank pages.

First, check if you are actually trying to print a PDF file that is opened in an Internet Explorer window as shown below:

If it is so, you have to print with the inner window printing button, as shown in the image above.
If it is not a PDF file, please call a support staff representative for assistance.

7. How do I print multiple pages on the same sheet?

Select: "Print -> Properties -> Layout -> Pages Per Sheet" and select the number of pages you want to print on each sheet:

8.  How to combine multiple files (i.e pdf) to one file

You can use this method to unite multiple pdf files and to join multiple printing jobs.

First, open the file to be converted / printed and choose "File -> Print", than change the printer to "PDF creator" as in the image below:

Than press the waiting button to join more files...

Repeat the process for each file you'd like to join / print. Afterwards, simply choose all the waiting job as in the image below and select Document - >Combine.

finally you can combine the jobs as one PDF file by choosing Document->print ->pressing save.

then you can send this PDF file to print as usual.

How to print?

How to scan?

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