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1. General instructions

  1. Open the scanning software by double clicking this icon on desktop: 
  2. Choose SCAN/IMPORT option.
  3. Choose PHOTOS/DOCUMENTS option.

    Scanning instructions - part 1

  4. Choose SCAN. For advanced features choose "Use the scanner driver".
  5. After scanning you will get:

    Scanning instructions - part 2

2. General Instructions for scanning with feeder

  • Put all pages designated for scanning inside the scanner – upside down, without stapler pins.
  • Choose the number of the function with the arrow buttons on the scanner. The functions are:
    1. Auto-indentify, both sides to PDF.
    2. B&W, both sides to PDF.
    3. Greyscale, both sides to PDF.
    4. Color, both sides to PDF.
    5. B&W, one side, PDF.
    6. Greyscale, one side, PDF.
    7. Color, one side, PDF.
    8. Color, one side, JPG.
    9. OCR, PDF.
  • Press SCAN

3. Where are my scanned images?

As a default, the software saves the scanned images on the desktop.

Please notice that after the computer performs a restart the scanned images will be deleted.

4. How can I reduce the size of an image?

If your image is too large you can use the XמView software located in the Novell Application Window. After you have opened your image, press Shift+S to open the relevant menu.

Don't forget to save your image as a .jpg file to conserve space on your personal drive.

How to print?

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