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1. Projector handling in multimedia halls in Shprintzak and Levi buildings (Pixie system)

  1. System startup: in a normal state, the computer will always be active and the screen will be in standby mode. To start, move the mouse or press the keyboard. If the system doesn't respond, please check that the computer is on.

    On the wall you will find the control console:

    Scheme of Pixie system

  2. Using the projector: use the controller to turn the projector on or off. When turning the projector on. Wait a few seconds for the picture to become stable.
  3. Projector source: choose between the computer and the laptop with the control console:
    If you choose to use the computer, you can use a USB drive that you can connect to the usb port near the screen or in the front panel of the computer.
    If you choose to work with the laptop, press VIDEO on the controller until you will see the laptop screen projected on the blackboard.
  4. Turning the projector off: when you finish with the projector, make sure you switch the projector off.

2. Projector handling in multimedia halls in other buildings (Tecom system)

The station includes a PC with a front USB jack and a DVD-ROM, a VCR and a cable connection for external laptops.

The smart-desk has a stationary microphone and a control panel for the sound system in the hall and for the projector.

The keyboard and an additional microphone are stored in the drawer.

The system can project all the external devices on the blackboard, and also it duplicates the picture to the screen on the smart-desk.

The on/off switch controls all the appliances in the smart-desk; there is no need to turn each device separately!

Don’t forget to turn the projector OFF at the end of the lecture!

Scheme lecturer podium in halls


The multimedia panel buttons:

Scheme lecturer podium in halls

In case of technical difficulty, call the computer center 02-6584010

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